Behind Menemen Şahinler Makine is the beloved, respected, well-established Şahinler Family from Menemen. GAMUS MENEMEN, as it is known today, launched its commercial activities for the first time 50 years ago as a local business in Menemen. 

Alaattin Şahin saw fit to give his family's surname to the business he founded. Among his ideals were beautiful dreams and big goals that included these days. Appealing to the whole world today, GAMUS MENEMEN is the natural fruit of the dreams and goals set in those days.

Alaattin Şahin served as the manager of Menemen Şahinler Makine for many years. He demonstrated strong and exemplary leadership in all risky and adversarial competitive conditions. He has built a strong foundation on which he could realize big dreams and goals for Menemen Şahinler Makine. 

Mustafa Şahin, who today is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of GAMUS MENEMEN, describes his father Alaattin Şahin as follows: "My father was a man of talent, foresight and strong character. He taught us to think big, to learn before being courageous, to be planned to succeed, to set goals to achieve, to dream dreams to be realized, not to be afraid of competitors and to respect them."  

Menemen Şahinler Makine, which started its commercial life as a local business 50 years ago in Menemen, has decided to change and transform in order to compete in international markets in 2023, taking into account the changing conditions, new and large markets, different demands and tough competition conditions. And it achieved this transformation in the soundest and most comprehensive way possible with professional support. Now it continues its journey in international markets as GAMUS MENEMEN. Today, GAMUS MENEMEN provides services to very important customers in the world's major markets.


Vision: To become the most trusted brand by pottery masters all over the world by means of GAMUS MENEMEM solutions.

Mission: To develop the product ranges that all the pottery masters in the world would like to have, and that they can perfectly reflect their dreams and talents on their works with GAMUS MENEMEN.

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