Message from the Chairman

Our journey began 50 years ago in Menemen with a family business initiative of our father Alaattin Şahin. Since our business is a local enterprise, like every new entrepreneur, we have adopted our surname for our business. He was excited, he had faith, and dreams. His hope and dream were to one day become a national brand. 

Our father Alaattin Şahin led our business for many years, demonstrating strong leadership in a risky and adversarial competitive environment. Thanks to him, we learned to think big, to learn before being courageous, to be planned to succeed, to set goals to achieve, to dream dreams to be realized, not to be afraid of our competitors and to respect them. 

Years later, when we took over the flag from our father, we realized what we have achieved today was what had only been a dream yesterday. The most valuable asset we have is the customers we work with and who trust us. The quality, trust and satisfaction we have created thanks to this unique legacy, which we grow a little more every day, has taken us beyond the possibilities of our dreams.

They also had big dreams. By realizing an important part of these dreams, they handed the flag over to us. After taking over this important and meaningful responsibility, we have worked hard to bring our business to the goals set by our family elders. Now we have bigger dreams and goals waiting to be achieved. We are firmly convinced that we will achieve all this together with a passionate work. In this process, our most important goal is to grow the confidence of our employees and those we work with.

We didn't realize how 50 years had passed. Today, we have customers from all over the world with whom we have a bond of affection. We have a modern production facility where we can do our job at the highest level and host our guests effectively. If you are doing your job in a planned, structured and loving way, you cannot think about time. We expand and maintain our claim by pushing all our means to overcome difficulties, working hard, investing in our business and our team. 

Our elders realized a 50-year journey of Menemen Şahinler Makine for the pottery sector in Menemen. They built new dreams into it in which we also have a role. They set new and big goals. Today, we are living their lifelong dreams.

Menemen Şahinler Makine is now 50 years old. Easier said than done, it is half a century. A journey full of half a century of achievements. While we dreamed of one day becoming a national brand, today we find ourselves working with the world.

Change is inevitable. In order to keep up with this change, we continue on our way by constantly improving our technology and human resources. At the end of 50 years, when we look back, we see that we have a real success story that everyone appreciates. Today, in the 50th Year, we have succeeded in becoming a global brand beyond the borders of the country. 


With love and regards...

Mustafa Şahin

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Şahinler Makine


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