GMS12 / Pottery Wheels
GMS12 / Pottery Wheels

GMS12 / Pottery Wheels

Discount Rate : %15 Discount
Price : 1,709.33 USD(Vat included)
Discounted : 1,452.93 USD(Vat included)

Product Code: GMS12

Motor Power: 550w 55db and Powerful Motor 
Working Voltage: 220 Volt
Table Diameter: 30 cm – Aluminium Injection Table
Dimensions: 52x64H:51 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Table Rotation: It can be rotated in two directions. 
Clay Turning Capacity: 50 kg


- It is suitable for home use.
- With pedal fixed to the body and manually controlled the desired speed between 0-300 rpm is sensitive and easliy adjustable.
- Product of Gamus Menemen.

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